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Humanwave is your site to change the world. If you want to make a difference in the world, we want to help you. Among other things, we match caring people with well-researched worthy causes. We earn nothing from this site nor from any of our fundraising. We just want what you want...to build a better humanity...to make the world a better place for all people. Let's join forces, you and Humanwave, and together we'll change the world!

What is Humanwave?...                                                    How we started...

Feeding 495 West African school children

There's a school in Liberia with 495 kids, most of whom don't eat even once a day. Makes learning hard when the brain has no food. We looked at the cost of a food programme for them, and it was crazy high to feed so many. So in partnership with Good Shepherd Church in Englehart, ON, we leased some land and planted Cassava, which has now harvested and is ready to be eaten...enough to feed all 495 kids and their teachers for two months. The only thing they need now is spices, cooking oils, a few extra foods to throw in with the Cassava, and that will cost $450 USD a month for two months. Still, a bargain considering how many mouths it will feed for two whole months!

This is too big a load for one small church to handle on their own so if you, your family, your church or organization would like to join forces with Good Shepherd Church contact Anita Tremblay from their outreach team to find out where to send donations. 

Thank you for changing the world!  

To all of you who've given to our various causes...you really are making a difference!  Beyond funding safe drinking water in Liberia and Haiti as it rebuilds...and assisting child slaves, you've helped save hundreds--maybe even thousands--of lives by providing safe water in African and Haitian villages where formerly one in four children died of curable diseases such as childhood diarrhea and choleraClick here to see the SEVENTEEN wells and projects your donations to Humanwave / Lifewater Canada have provided!

Be part of Christ Our Hope Orphanage...wow! See some of the world's happiest kids. And no wonder, Fatu and Emmanuel are great "parents" to now 75 children whose parents died in the war. With a small army of teachers and helpers, the place is full of joy and hope. These children get a good education...but they can't always afford the basics: food, mattresses and bedding, clean water. Click here to connect to the small but mighty organization that's changing the world for these children.

Put a child in school Okay. The war's over. Your parents are dead or desperately impoverished, and even more than eating today, you wish you could go to school. The good news is school costs less than $45 US per semester including books and school uniforms...but in your circumstances, that might as well be $45 million. Unless a caring person makes your dream come true, and pays your tuition. Here's how to be that person.

"People who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world might just be crazy enough to do it."

Here's a great charity "find"!

For millions of children in the world, "bed" is a cement or dirt floor. Sleeping Children Around The World takes your $30 gift and provides a child a bedkit, which includes a mattress, groundsheet, bedsheet, blanket, pillow, a treated mosquito net and more.

Click to visit their site