Save lives while savouring Humanwave's own delicious blend of ethical, organic African coffee! 

"Okay," you say.  "Let's change the world?  Where do I start?"  One way is to change the coffee you drink and start each day with fair-trade, ethical and organic "Asante Sana" (caffeinated) and "Baraka" (chemical- free Swiss Water Decaf)...two beautiful blends of East African coffee generously developed by Kyoto Coffee.  All proceeds from the sale of these two Humanwave coffees go to Humanwave's water projects in Kenya.  1 lb bags are $20 and 1/2 lb bags are $12 (plus shipping costs if we mail it to you)  Place your order by contacting Theresa Foley today!  Coffee is freshly roasted in small batches to ensure fullness of flavour!

Photos from our last trip to Liberia, West Africa

"Be Ashamed To Die Until You've Done Something Good For Humanity"