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How You Can Help
Send a child to school

    A donation of $150usd goes directly to the school and will give a child a whole future.  It covers:
  • registration and tuition fees paid
  • a uniform and proper shoes (believe it or not...wearing a uniform transforms a child into a somebody!  It's like a badge of honor for them:  they're going places in life!)
  • textbooks and notebooks
  • basic school supplies
  • their own desk and chair (which must be provided)

Our first two sponsored students, Ishmael and Gabriel. We now sponsor 12-15 students
How to donate

You can mail a check made out to "Humanwave" to:

247 Towerhill Road
Peterborough, ON
K9H 7N1

Or call Theresa Foley at 705-760-6437.  Thank you for caring!   Email us with any questions!

How You Can Make A Difference Right Now...Online!

Lifewater Canada is one of the world's most effective charities at using your donations to save lives.  We're proud of their near-zero administrative costs...and their community approach to stopping the senseless death of villagers in Haiti and the 1-in-5 Liberian children who perish because the drinkable water they need to live is a few meters beneath their feet.
Click here to see the many wells Humanwave supporters have helped to provide!

Click here to see the video "I Hate Cholera" which humanizes the reason for Lifewater Canada's efforts in Haiti.

Other ways to help:

     Helping is a two-way street.  We'd like to work with you to change the world, so if you already have a project in mind, please do contact us, tell us about your project and we'll see if we can help.

     If you'd like to donate your time, talent or monetary assistance to Humanwave, please drop us a line at and we'll answer every letter with the greatest of speed. 

     Every penny donated to Humanwave goes directly to frontline agencies making a difference in the world.  And yes, we are able to issue charitable tax receipts. 

     An urgent appeal right now...child slaves, called "Restaveks" who escape end up living a dangerous life on the streets.  Michael Brewer is helping at great personal cost (he receives no wage of any kind) but frequently runs out of funds to pay the rent or feed the children he has rescued.  Dire times indeed, and you can help turn it around!  Please learn more at and help...even $20 would make a huge difference.

Six Steps to Changing The World
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"All that is required for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."