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Save the lives of children!  Provide safe drinking water for a village in Kenya.

Theresa Foley is raising funds to drill a safe-water well in one of the neediest areas of Kenya.  You can reach out to help in many ways: 

-purchase Humanwave coffee
-help Theresa in her fundraising (normally assisting with musical shows and events...she can be reached at 705-760-6437)
-donate to Humanwave

Contact Theresa Foley for more info.
Click here to donate online directly to Lifewater Canada and save lives now. (See note in red below)
How You Can Make A Difference Right Now...Online!

Lifewater Canada is one of the world's most effective charities at using your donations to save lives.  We're proud of their near-zero administrative costs...and their community approach to stopping the senseless death of the 1-in-5 Liberian children who perish because the drinkable water they need to live is a few metres beneath their feet.
Please note:  when you donate, you will be asked if there are special instructions.  Please feel free to specify "Humanwave" in order for us to track how much Humanwave's supporters have done for the world.  And thank you!  Your online donation will save lives!

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