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A huge thank you to all who made it possible to save so many lives!   With many wells drilled in Liberia, Nigeria and Kenya, and each well estimated to save between 250-500 lives...let's pull no punches:  what you've done here is like saving more than a dozen jet airliners full of kids from crashing!  In terms of lives saved, the wells you have helped us drill is the equivalent of preventing the bombing of the World Trade Center.  Children die of infected-water diseases nearly everyday in the villages we have touched together...and now, they won't.  Working with our friends at Lifewater Canada, you have also helped train and equip the Liberian workers so that they can more efficiently drill wells and build washrooms.  Here are some of the places you've to see before and after pictures of the villages, their water sources...and the difference you have made:

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Septic System for African Operations Base

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John Seway Town (Liberia)
Eagerly Pumping Safe Water!

Fatu Community, Wood Camp (Liberia)
Stagnant water hole

Beo Yoolar Town #4 (Liberia)

Drawing Water from Polluted River

Kokewe Village (Kenya)

Original Unsafe Water Source

Gblon Town #2 (Liberia)

New well with safe water

Gblon Town #1 (Liberia)

Unsafe Open Water Pit

Shara Community (Liberia)

New Well by Town Centre

Bassa Town Community (Liberia)

Safe Water for Villagers

Dozhon Town (Liberia)

Women drawing safe water

Sheria Rural Health Clinic (Nigeria)

Children watching Lifewater Drillers

Coca Cola Community (Liberia)

Kids Enjoying Cool Water!

Soul Clinic Community #2 (Liberia)

Village Child

Wood Camp Community (Liberia)

Original Diseased Water Supply

Duport Rd Community (Liberia)

Learning to Drill in Fine Sand

Advanced Drill Training (Liberia)

Our First African Child Helped!

La Du Town (Liberia)