In addition to a strategy which incorporates changing consumer habits, changing the way we educate our children, revisiting the focus of religion, and changing the way citizens of wealthy countries think about charitable giving (deep breath)...

...we're continually developing T-Shirts and our unique brand of let's-change-the-world music! 

Here's a T-Shirt still in the works, copyright Humanwave.

"Yes. One person can make a difference."

The song, No Hungry Children, (recorded by Bridget) was the title track of the World Vision 30 Hour Famine compilation CD.  The video for the song aired on MuchMusic.  (If the song doesn't play from this site, try right-clicking your mouse, choosing Save As, and then opening the song from wherever you saved it.)


Song: No Hungry Children (Artist: Bridget)
We Stand On The Brink