Let's Change The World...Six Steps
  1. Learn...  The world's problems, although complex, are ultimately solvable.  The first step is to learn about what's wrong with the world.  What are the social, political and economic forces that make the world what it is today?
  2. Decide...  to be part of the solution.  Every change begins with a decision to act.
  3. Exert...  your spheres of influence.  You have no idea how powerful you are, as a voter, a consumer, a letter-writer, and above-all a thinking, caring human being living among hundreds of other thinking, caring human beings.  So let's flex some muscle!  Make something good happen!
  4. Spend less, give more...  We live in a society that spends billions of dollars on "stuff," much of which we seldom use.  We like to buy things.  Instead, let's try donating more.  It's no coincidence that North Americans are dying of obesity while nearly 25,000 people die each day from starvation and poverty-related diseases.  So put off buying that all-new instamatic omelette maker that looks so good on TV!  Give the $99 to charity and make your omelettes the old-fashioned way!
  5. Heroism...  Every few months, or once a year, DO SOMETHING HEROIC.  Go way above-and-beyond for a desperately needy cause.  Organize an event, or sell something and donate the proceeds to a worthy charity.  Human beings are at their best in a state of challenge or service to others.  Put yourself in that state and discover what it feels like to truly be alive!
  6. Encourage...  Encourage others to take these steps, either by example or words.  Literally, "en-courage" means to infuse others with courage.  It's time we told our friends, our children and our grandchildren that there's a world out there that needs our help.  Let's live large together.

A conversation with Charles Olweny, World Health Organization:

PB:  If you could give your whole life over to solving just one problem, what would it be?  What do you consider the single worst problem of the world?  Cancer?  Malnutrition?  AIDS?  Some environmental issue?...

Charles Olweny:   If I could solve just one problem in the world, I would create a shift in the human brain about what it is to be alive.  Then all other problems would eventually be solved.  [Editor's note:  Humanwave's mission statement was carved out for us in this answer...to "create a shift in the human brain about what it is to be alive."]

PB:  Well, how would you do that?

Charles Olweny (laughing):  Well, that is the 64 million dollar--or should I say 64 billion dollar question!