The New Website


The Website To Come
Our new logo depicts the ripple effect of doing good

The coming website is divided into three categories:

LEARN about the world's problems and how you can help

DECIDE to make a difference

EXERT your spheres of influence

Each category is designed to help you move further down the road of changing the world. A list of links have been created to discuss virtually every aspect of healing our planet, from understanding the problems to solving them.

The LEARN links are a quick synopsis of thirty or so of the world's most dire problems, why the problems exist, what's being done to solve them, and how you can help.

The EXERT links give fundraising tips, marketing ideas, mission trips and travel opportunities, a store of products that change the world and a breakdown of hundreds of charities according to how donatiion money is used...which ones to support and which to avoid.

Our hope is that every person from child to senior will be able to use our innovative website to unlock their own personal adventure of world whatever level suits them. This new website will be the nerve centre of Humanwave's philosophy of "making it easy for people to take action in solving the world's direst problems."


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