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Good Friday Musing  (Peter Brown)

I've played music at dozens of funerals and the experience of watching dozens of lives memorialized has brought me to this realization:  Life makes more sense looking at it from the funeral backwards than from the womb going forward.   Like one of those difficult mazes that is suddenly too easy when you start at the "Finish" and solve it backwards to the "Start," our short journey here is a confusing puzzle filled with amusing creature-comfort distractions and diversions at every junction; however, it becomes suddenly simpler when we stay focused on our passing from the end of this story to whatever lies ahead.  What legacy will we leave behind?  How should we have lived to make the absolute most out of our short time on this planet?

A peasant carpenter named Jesus spent his whole life preparing for the death we memorialize today and it made him radically others-centered.   He wasn't terribly famous at the time, and in 2-4 years of selfless living, he started a trend that caught on in ways that none of his contemporaries could ever have predicted. 

What about us?  What will have mattered most on our own personal Good Friday, when we face death?  And what do we need to change now to break free from the clutter and make the most of our short burst here?  What's worth living for now?  And what really won't matter as we approach the finish line?

A decision we almost certainly won't regret, I've always felt, is to make a decision to save and / or improve as many lives as possible on the way through.

Blessings in this Easter season!

Only a life lived for others is a life worth living ~  Ghandi