What Is Humanwave?




Humanwave’s purpose is to urge individuals and organizations to take a quantum leap forward in solving some of the world’s most pressing problems, and then make it easy for them to do so.

What is the single greatest problem in the world? What single problem kills the most people? Is it malnutrition? AIDS? Cancer? Lack of safe drinking water? If you were to ask economist Jeffery Sachs, social activists like Bono or Bob Geldof, or heads of charities or UN agencies you would probably hear the same word: apathy. We live in a world where many of the world's most dire problems are solvable--indeed would be solved already--if ordinary people like you and I took ownership over them. The alternative of letting politicians handle big global problems on their own, or ignoring the problems altogether, isn't working.
The good news is that taking ownership over the world's biggest problems is not just a life-saving pursuit but a life-changing one as well. Our lives take on new meaning when helping those who can't help themselves. Some say it's the secret to happiness. Sadly, it's a secret overlooked by citizens of wealthier countries, and Humanwave.com wants to change that.

You and I have the thrill and the awesome responsibility of being part of the first generation that can actually end dire poverty. We can afford to end it and we know how to end it. Bono calls this "the millstone of opportunity around our necks." We believe (along with Bono and thousands of others) that the decision to do something good for humanity changes life into an exciting adventure. We'd like you to join in this adventure with us! This website is the forerunner to a large site which covers most of the major problems of the world, what's being done to solve them, and what you can do to help. (See "The Vision" for the full site.)

Bookmark this page and check back throughout the year!

If you want to change the world, you're not alone. Humanwave is a growing movement of people just like you, people taking a positive approach to making the world a better place. Maybe you're looking for volunteer opportunities, or you'd like to work in another country, or make a huge difference with a well-placed donation. The coming site will link the U.N., hundreds of charities and charitable programs, economists, thinkers, strategists, learning tools, and most importantly...you. The world needs your unique perspective, your unique talents, your dreams. We're here to help you pull out your own inner magnificence and activate it!

Humanwave.com was developed by a Canadian advertising agency specializing in strategic planning. Designed to bring humanitarianism into the mainstream...Humanwave is more than just a website, it's a brandname aimed at building a better world...and that's just the beginning!

Thoughts? Ideas? It's entirely possible that Humanwave can activate your ideas better than you might be able to do alone...so don't feel you need to wait for the site to be completed. Drop us a line right now and tell us what you're working on, what you hope to accomplish...we might be able to partner you up with the right people to make your "change the world" dream a reality. We welcome your feedback at info@humanwave.com

"People who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world might just be crazy enough to do it."